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Culture Change Letter #151 - [Note: this article was revised in June 2008 over a year after it appeared.] -
Sail Transport Network is forming a bow wave.

In a time of worsening news about the climate, Bush's War on Iraq, and you name it, there is at least some good news for a positive future. There is a low-tech project with huge potential that upholds sustainable economics and natural, convivial living -- while not polluting. It's based on the proven traditions and romantic images of the sea and graceful boats.

The Sail Transport Network (STN) is gathering speed even as you read this. We ourselves misjudged the current interest level that has us pleasantly surprised. Major news media will be giving STN a boost due to either (1) the relevance of challenging the dwindling-oil basis of petroleum for shipping and passenger travel, or (2) as a business-pages story. No matter what oil prices may be doing now or later, STN is on its way to becoming operational with a high profile.

Sail power is more than some theoretical future mini-substitute for today's oil-based trade and flying and driving. STN's team is growing, dedicated, talented and well informed about energy and environmental issues -- and we love adventure and accept risk. We even have our own flag for participating sailboats and supporters on land. We will keep reporting on STN's meeting its potential -- as we do it. You're welcome to not just watch but help bring about a better reality for sustainable transport all the sooner.

Those of us in STN may enjoy a better health & survival outlook than many an inland urbanite or "landlubber" who is stuck in four walls and on four wheels. We are doing something about loathsome freeway commuting and being surrounded by addicted consumers. Yet we are inclusive and are trying to bring succor to society's need for uninterrupted communication, exchange, and trade -- via renewable energy. We are far along in planning tomorrow's importing and exporting of essential, valued (but lower volume) goods and the passages of travelers. We not only envision living and working on the water and enjoying landfalls for pleasure and trade, we have researched ecovillage living on land that is inclined toward pedal power, animal power, canals and trains to replace (in part) the hyper-consumption based on peaking petroleum going on today. Petro-addiction and related symptoms of decline are dragging the whole world down precipitously.

So I invite you to learn more about our mission and objectives.

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Enjoy Dmitry Orlov's splendid sail transport articles, and more, all on
! We hope to hear from you and sea you!

Jan Lundberg
Culture Change

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