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Donations allow us to maintain and expand the movement for sail transport, through the Culture Change office in Santa Cruz, California. Projects include contributing to the San Francisco Bay area climate action strategy, bringing coffee to northern California and the Pacific Northwest, and supporting Atlantic Ocean projects involving sail transport.

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— Jan Lundberg, founder, Sail Transport Network (established in Washington State 1999)


The Sail Transport Network is an inclusive, cooperative organization dedicated to bringing about the New Age of Sail for sustainable trade and travel in the post-peak oil greenhouse world.

Join the Network today by simply contacting us and telling us about your project. Or describe your capabilities toward contributing to an existing project. Hoist the STN burgee (shown above) on your vessel or outside your home of office!

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For more information contact:
Sail Transport Network
Mailing address: P.O. Box 3387, Santa Cruz, CA 95063 USA
Phone: 1-(215) 243-3144