Global Warming: a definitive pain(t)ing

This state of affairs can't last.
This state of affairs can't last.

"Art is the Permanent Revolution" - memo to Culture Change

Jan Lundberg, founder of Culture Change and Sail Transport Network, said "Fernando Agudelo is a concept artist, designer, and creative illustrator living in Hollywood, Florida. He proves that a piece of art such as the right picture paints a thousand words, and it does even more. In offering his new painting Global Warming, out of the blue, to be shared on and, he explained:

'I think my Global warming painting belongs to the whole entire world since this is a global problem that all the nations face right now. Art is the Permanent Revolution - Paintings are NOT Made To Decorate Houses. It is an instrument, a weapon of defense and attack to defeat the Fossil Fuel Industry.

'I wish you the very best success in your writings; informing the public is the top priority given the dangers we all face. After all, the Fossil Fuel Industries have to face the wrath of God, as do those who work for them, and I personally hold them accountable before the almighty for ruining the Earth.'"

Global Warming painting, by Fernando Agudelo, reproduced on Culture Change by permission
Global Warming painting, by Fernando Agudelo, reproduced on Culture Change by permission

An auction to sell the painting will be held on August 15, 2013. Buy it on eBay:
or spread the word. (I gave Culture Change the date Aug. 15, even though the eBay website says it is approximately one week earlier.)

This publisher is not getting any of the proceeds, but this work of conscious art is quite the gift to Culture Change/Sail Transport Network and to all of us members of the Homo Controlus species.

Lundberg said, "It's wonderful when people who publicly embrace religion share with others their adherence to its highest principles, particularly revering creation and life, as Mr. Agudelo does."

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To see more of Fernando Agudelo's art, visit the website I can be contacted at modernart1a "@"