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We have been quoted, with a link, in CNN-London's latest feature in its Mainsail news section ("CNN's monthly sailing show.") The feature article covers the latest in this small but growing sector, and contains excellent photos including a slide show.
After the excerpt we discuss certification -- known as the stamped assurance on product-packaging that guarantees "Organic" or "Fair trade" -- or Sail Transported.

Are traditional sail boats the future of trade?
By Sheena McKenzie, CNN
October 12, 2012


....The Sail Transport Network (STN), a green travel campaign group, is now looking to create a sustainable transport certificate, much like the "Fair Trade" and "Organic" stamps found on other foods.

STN founder Jan Lundberg predicts that wind-powered cargo ships will soon be the norm as the world's fossil fuel supplies continue to diminish.

"The accelerating rate of change in the economy and finance, the peak oil factor and the climate crisis are all tipping factors. If more people sense this soon, you could see a jump in sail transport investment," he said.

"Many smaller older cargo vessels are idle today and are also being recycled -- these are realistic candidates for conversion to sail."

Recent figures show there is much at stake when it comes to sustainable transport on the high-seas. Around 90% of world trade is currently carried by the shipping industry, according to the International Maritime Organization.

The industry contributes 4% of global carbon emissions, United Nations figures show. Indeed, it says that if shipping were a country, it would be the sixth-largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world.

But it could be that the winds of change are on the horizon. From January next year, new International Maritime Organization regulations will require shipping companies to cut emissions by 20% over the next seven years and a further 50% by 2050.

"By 2025 all new ships have to be 20% more efficient, so shipyards will also be compelled to produce more fuel-efficient vessels," Simon Bennett of the International Chamber of Shipping said. "What's also important is that fuel costs have risen 400% since 2000...

Certification plans for STN:
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Do you read the packaging on your purchases of food, teas and other products? You want to see "Organic" and "Fair trade," right? How would you like to see that the carbon footprint from shipping was absolutely the minimum, even when the item was brought thousands of miles? That ideal is within reach. Help us allow you to see the STN logo on products you'd like to buy. We are in a position to make this happen, thanks to our wide network of supportive contacts. The certification process can be intricate, but we have studied it and are prepared to bring it off in this small but growing field, ah, sea of opportunity. Last but not least, you want to assure that your coffee and chocolate are still coming your way when the oil supply has let us all down. To join the Sail Transport Network on any level, please see our Membership Structure.

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