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Sailing wine Holland-Denmark
Sailing wine Holland-Denmark

Here's the good word for you on the progression of Culture Change: Our work is zeroing in on an historic contribution to global infrastructure change. I believe you'll have a clear idea on why you should support it, if you don't already. (You can do it by here: donating here)

You recall how we saved healthy land with our campaign for a road building moratorium for over a decade, and educated the public. In the past few years you've noticed our growing emphasis on sail transport.

We remain committed to promoting bicycling, local economics, food self-sufficiency, depaving, banning plastics, curtailing energy waste -- and stopping new road construction. But we've found we can best serve these crucial efforts by focusing mainly on sail power. They happen to fit with the infrastructure change we see possible with a transition to sail power. So we're out in front in the environmental and sustainability movement, not for the first time. It can be a little lonely, as participation and support come slowly.

Many varieties of activism -- passionate and necessary -- don't present a plan or hope for actually changing the oil-oriented infrastructure we're all saddled with. Renewable energy is vital. But to transform trade & travel to something sustainable -- i.e., sails on ships -- has greater implications than just joining sail power with the panoply of more recognized renewable energy technologies. Do you agree that the world cannot survive peak oil and climate chaos without a vibrant sail transport network?

For me, working for our Mother Earth has been about finding the right lever for socioeconomic change -- I've tried many of them for a quarter century! Some of us have even formed a for-profit corporation, Mari Sailing. And the Sail Transport Network is developing well.

Europe's a major breeding ground for sail transport. So we have a project there fitting in among several projects that are ahead of any in the U.S. But we've just received news of (1) an excellent new sail transport project from Michigan, and (2) a naval architect from Chile has great cargo-sail ideas he is pursuing. We're learning from and assisting both these and other projects. And on the way is a story for you from the South Seas, on a cool sail transport service there.

On the non-sailing front, we have other reports and essays on tap. Stay tuned, and our other efforts will become apparent too. We continue to keep lines of communication open with progressive organizations in D.C. and elsewhere to push policy change that can last.

We're looking to not only devoted readers for support, but to new sources around the world. The more people know what's going on, through our networking, the faster the sail transport transition happens. There are many ways to promote the movement, and you can help.

Please let me know what you think on all of the above. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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